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Although we are all on a unique journey of reconciling with past pain and trauma, we share a perfectly imperfect experience; being on the human journey.

"Our wounds are our greatest medicine once healed; our pain is a pathway to great power when salved; fear and anxiety are a gateway to our greatest joy and creative inspiration"

Kaia Ra


Your Therapy Experience Is Important

Are you looking to create a more happy and healthy life for yourself? Do you see your perfect life but have difficulty making it happen? Do you find past traumas and negative childhood messages preventing you from making the progress you deserve? I work with clients to examine all areas of life to recognize and improve negative past programming, helping identify new ways of resolving problems and taking back control of your life!

As both a therapist and reiki practitioner, I take a mind-body approach to treatment. This is achieved through utilizing intuition, as well as Eastern and Western practices; energy healings (meditations and visualizations)  and empirical theories (such as EMDR and attachment based models).

My passion is working with individuals who have survived trauma, both emotional and physical. Having a personal understanding of not wanting to repeat unhealthy family patterns and behaviors, I know how hard it can be to break free from that cycle. I hold a genuinely nonjudgmental space and would be honored to help you explore your goals and take steps toward overcoming ineffective past programming!

My experience and expertise is in trauma and PTSD, anxiety, women's issues, relationship issues, and self-esteem issues. I also work with Victims of Crime witnesses through CalVCB. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or would like to schedule a free phone consultation!


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111 Woodmere Rd #100, Folsom CA 95630

Supervised by Maura Cody, LMFT#96179


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